Club Tropicana

Yearly Entertainment Guide

July 2019

Sat 20th Shane Nolan Band Plus: Danny Posthill
Sun 21st 2 Can Play Plus: Megaslam Wrestling
Mon 22nd Rick Sheehan Plus: The Balloonatic..
Tue 23rd El Loco & The Dentist Chair Plus: Starlite 19
Wed 24th Megaslam Wrestling Plus: 2Gether Duo
Thu 25th Creepy Crawly Show Plus: The Electric Duo...Starlite 19
Fri 26th Jimmy Cricket Plus: Kaiser Monkey Killers..Starlite 19
Sat 27th Ska Britannia Plus: Steve Hewlett Show
Sun 28th He Know, She Knows
Mon 29th The Inflations Plus: The Balloonatic...Brad Pepper
Tue 30th Andy Leach Plus: Starlite 19
Wed 31st Paul Derek The Birdman Plus: Megaslam Wrestling

August 2019

Thu 1st Creepy Crawly Show Plus: 2 Can Play...Starlite 19
Fri 2nd Superfreak Plus: Rick Sheehan..Balloonatic..Starlite 19
Sat 3rd The Ragdolls Plus: The Harper Brothers
Sun 4th Nicola T As Beyonce Plus: Megaslam Wrestling..Starlite 19
Mon 5th Reverb Duo Plus: The Inflations
Tue 6th Theo The Mouse Show Plus: Nick L'mao...Starlite 19
Wed 7th Gin & Coke Plus: Megaslam Wrestling
Thu 8th El Loco & The Dentist Chair Plus: Creepy Crawly Show...Starlite 19
Fri 9th Noughty Nineties Plus: Tom Binns as Ivan Brackenbury
Sat 10th Lee Lard Plus: Jump..Starlite 19
Sun 11th Mini Mix Plus: Megaslam Wrestling...Starlite 19
Mon 12th Michael & Young Plus: Rick Sheehan
Tue 13th The Inflations Plus: Theo The Mouse Show..Starlite 19
Wed 14th Roadhouse Plus: Megaslam Wrestling..Starlite 19
Thu 15th Creepy Crawly Show Plus: 2 Can Play...Starlite 19
Fri 16th Lady Z & The Monsters Plus: Andy Leach..Starlite 19
Sat 17th Forever Jackson Plus: Triple Cream..Starlite 19
Sun 18th Fuel Plus: Megaslam Wrestling..Starlite 19
Mon 19th The Inflations Plus: Reverb
Tue 20th Theo The Mouse Show Plus: Nick L'mao..Starlite 19
Wed 21st Andy Leach Plus: Megeslam Wrestling..Starlite 19
Thu 22nd Creepy Crawly Show Plus: Michael & Young..Starlite 19
Fri 23rd Rangatang Plus: Wallace & Jones..Balloonatic
Sat 24th Complete Madness Plus: Wishful Thinking..Groovy Uv show
Sun 25th Reggae On The Rocks Plus: Ian Jones as Lee Evans
Mon 26th Get In 2 Plus: Rick Sheehan...Rob Linacre..Balloonatic
Tue 27th The Inflations Plus: Theo the Mouse & Wendy..Starlite 19
Wed 28th Roadhouse Plus: Megaslam Wrestling..Starlite 19
Thu 29th Creepy Crawly Show Plus: 2gether
Fri 30th Hero's Plus: El Loco & The Dentist Chair
Sat 31st Evoke Plus: High Jinx..Rob Linacre..Starlite 19

September 2019

Sun 1st Get In 2
Mon 2nd Reverb Duo Plus: Mark Ritchie...Helen Farrell
Tue 3rd The Inflations Plus: Beebi Dell...Helen Farrell
Wed 4th Leighton Brown Plus: CJ Wilkinson....Helen Farrell
Thu 5th Creepy Crawly Show Plus: Helen Farrell
Fri 6th Soul & Motown Weekend - Ticket Show
Sat 7th Soul & Motown Weekend - Ticket Show
Sun 8th Soul & Motown Weekend - Ticket Show
Mon 9th 2gether Duo Plus: Helen Farrell
Tue 10th Sheila Diamond Plus: Mark Ritchie...Helen Farrell
Wed 11th Lee Lambert Plus: CJ Wilkinson...Helen Farrell
Thu 12th Rick Sheehan Plus: Luke Murgatroyd..Helen Farrell
Fri 13th Noughty Nineties Plus: Nicola T as Beyonce
Sat 14th Shane Nolan Band
Sun 15th Michael & Young
Mon 16th Jessica Irving
Tue 17th Maxine Santanna
Wed 18th Yvonne Patterson
Thu 19th Robert Craig
Fri 20th Best Of British Weekend..9 Top Tributes
Sat 21st Best Of British Weekend - Ticket Show
Sun 22nd Best Of British Weekend
Mon 23rd Pj Carter
Tue 24th Lisa Nicole
Wed 25th Mark Oates
Thu 26th Sasha T
Fri 27th Thor Plus: Scott Miller
Sat 28th Here's Johnny
Sun 29th Michael & Young
Mon 30th Byron Lee

October 2019

Tue 1st Biddy
Wed 2nd Johnie White
Thu 3rd Beebi Dell
Fri 4th Noughty Nineties
Sat 5th Cool As Vegas Plus: Danny Posthill
Sun 6th Byron Lee
Mon 7th Rachel Fuller
Tue 8th Stevie Moore
Wed 9th Lottie T'vay
Thu 10th Thomas James
Fri 11th He Knows, She Knows Plus: Bruno to Marrs
Sat 12th Boombox Party Plus: Melissa T as Katy Perry
Sun 13th Michael & Young
Mon 14th Mollie Targett
Tue 15th Karen Kristian
Wed 16th Davey Nicholls
Thu 17th John Will
Fri 18th Fully Lynched Plus: High jinx...Scot Miller...Creepy Crawly show at 5pm
Sat 19th The Ragdolls Plus: CJ Illusions
Sun 20th Megaslam Wrestling
Mon 21st Rick Sheehan..cj.
Tue 22nd El Loco & The Dentist Chair Plus: Helen Farrell
Wed 23rd Megaslam Wrestling
Thu 24th Creepy Crawly Show
Fri 25th Reggae On The Rocks Plus: Definitely Dolly
Sat 26th Shane Nolan Band
Sun 27th Reem
Tue 29th Nightmare On Panto Street
Wed 30th Megaslam Wrestling
Thu 31st Creepy Crawly Show

In the event of an artiste being unable to perform, The Club Tropicana reserves the right to replace the artiste without prior notice.