Club Tropicana

Yearly Entertainment Guide

September 2019

Wed 18th Yvonne Patterson
Thu 19th Rob Malone
Fri 20th Best Of British Weekend..9 Top Tributes - Ticket Show
Sat 21st Best Of British Weekend - Ticket Show
Sun 22nd Best Of British Weekend - Ticket Show
Mon 23rd Pj Carter
Tue 24th Lisa Nicole
Wed 25th Maxxine
Thu 26th Martyn Wilson
Fri 27th Thor Plus: Scott Miller
Sat 28th Here's Johnny Plus: Billy Hunter
Sun 29th Michael & Young
Mon 30th Byron Lee

October 2019

Tue 1st Biddy
Wed 2nd Johnie White
Thu 3rd Beebi Dell
Fri 4th Noughty Nineties
Sat 5th Cool As Vegas Plus: Danny Posthill
Sun 6th Byron Lee
Mon 7th Rachel Fuller
Tue 8th Stevie Moore
Wed 9th Lottie T'vay
Thu 10th Thomas James
Fri 11th He Knows, She Knows Plus: Bruno to Marrs
Sat 12th Boombox Party Plus: Melissa T as Katy Perry
Sun 13th Michael & Young
Mon 14th Mollie Targett
Tue 15th Karen Kristian
Wed 16th Davey Nicholls
Thu 17th Maxine Santanna
Fri 18th Fully Lynched Plus: High jinx...Scot Miller...Creepy Crawly show at 5pm
Sat 19th The Ragdolls Plus: Soul Magic 5
Sun 20th Megaslam Wrestling
Mon 21st Rick Sheehan..cj.
Tue 22nd El Loco & The Dentist Chair
Wed 23rd Megaslam Wrestling Plus: Get in 2
Thu 24th Creepy Crawly Show Plus: Andy Greaves & Lewis
Fri 25th Reggae On The Rocks Plus: Definitely Dolly... Mr. Moo & his New Shoes
Sat 26th Shane Nolan Band Plus: Tony Strange
Sun 27th Megaslam Wrestling..he Knows, She Knows Plus: Cris Quammie
Tue 29th Nightmare On Panto Street
Wed 30th Megaslam Wrestling Plus: Andy Leach
Thu 31st Creepy Crawly Show Plus: Mrk Maximus Illusions

November 2019

Fri 1st Maxed Out To The 90's Plus: Night at The Movies
Sat 2nd The 1980's...bespoke Plus: Steptacular

In the event of an artiste being unable to perform, The Club Tropicana reserves the right to replace the artiste without prior notice.