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Melissa Dennis

Melissa Dennis

Melissa Dennis's Profile

Children's Entertainer
Likes: Dancing, Sweets, Animals
Dislikes: Spiders, Brussel Sprouts, Winter

Melissa joined the Superstar team in 2017 and has been a valuable member in launching the new children's entertainment program.  Melissa helps to run the daily kids club, does some costume character work and also helps to host the kids shows.  Melissa has an extensive background in dance and has learnt many styles from ballet to hip hop. 

Melissa is knows as the daredevil of our team and is the go to girl for any promotional work that requires a thrill seeker.  Within Melissa's first week as a Superstar she was stood on a race track being filmed whilst a race car performed stunts inches from her! Since then we have put her in close promximity to some tigers and have other big plans lined up for her.